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An event like the Kokoda Challenge throws up some very difficult physical and mental challenges. It also presents some enormous difficulties from a nutritional perspective.

Endura Nutritional products can help Kokoda Challenge athletes of all ages and abilities achieve their individual goals. Following is, I think the best way to use the Endura nutritional products.


During Training

During the session I use a 750ml bottle of Endura Magnesium Rehydration Formula each hour. I mix 3scoops with water in a 750ml sports bottle. This helps keep my electrolytes topped up, helps prevent cramps and supplies me with some energy for the session. Each 750ml bottle of Endura electrolyte contains 42g of carbs.

For longer (more than 2hours) sessions, I also take 1-2 Endura gel with water each hour.

For very long training sessions(of greater than 4hours) I would recommend having a couple of Endura energy bars with water.




After Training

After a training session, I recommend using a 750ml bottle of Endura Optimiser within half an hour of the session. Optimiser contains protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes helping the body rebuild from training.  If you drink it within the first half hour it maximises your recovery. Using Endura Optimiser also helps maintain lean muscle mass which can be broken down by long hours of endurance training.






Trying to get the balance right for very long endurance events can be very difficult. There are very big energy requirements needed in order to complete these events, however this can also put some stress on the athlete’s gastro-intestinal system.

Here are some basic guidelines and tips.





During the Event

The best fuel and the easiest one to use for racing is carbohydrate. However, because events like the Kokoda Challenge take so long, there can be some other important things to take in such as protein and electrolytes.

The easiest way to get most of your energy requirements is by using Endura Gels. Each Endura gel contains 25g of carbohydrate. You need to get at least 1-2 gels each hour. Each gel needs to be taken with 250ml of water.

Taking energy in from a liquid form places less stress on your gastro-intestinal system than eating solid food. However, some athletes get hungry. For this I recommend having Endura energy bars with you. These will also provide the protein you need for such a long and arduous event.

Another option I would recommend using is Endura Optimiser. I mix 6scoops with water in a 750ml sports bottle. The optimiser is high in carbs, but low in fibre so it doesn’t cause any gastric distress. It also provides the necessary protein and electrolytes your body will need.

The other important tip is to have bottles of Endura Rehydration formula on hand. This will help limit the effects of cramp and dehydration. I mix 3 scoops with water in a 750ml sports bottle. The Endura electrolyte can be used throughout the event to help limit the effects of dehydration and cramp. Each 750ml of Electrolyte replacement formula also contains 42g of Carbs.