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Marathon running can be very challenging both from training and racing perspective. These demands place extreme demands on an athlete’s nutrition both for training and racing.


In order to maximize their training, athletes need to be able to provide their bodies with the energy and nutritional requirements to do the training as well as recover from their training.

Before Training

For early morning starts I use a 750ml bottle of Endura Optimiser. This I mix by putting 6scoops with water in a 750ml sports bottle. I find it easy to digest quickly and it doesn’t cause any gastric upset during training. This is because, even though it is high in Carbs, low in fat, and contains protein, it is low in fibre.

The other option pre-training, when I want solid food, is for me to have an Endura Energy bar.

During Training

During my longer sessions I use 1-2 Endura energy gels per hour. I take each gel with 250ml of water.

When I am running track sessions, I have a 750ml bottle of Endura rehydration formula with me. I mix 3scoops with water in a 750ml sports bottle.

After Training

After a training session, I recommend using a 750ml bottle of Endura Optimiser within half an hour of the session. Optimizer contains protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes helping the body rebuild from training.  If you drink it within the first half hour it maximizes your recovery.

Another option would be to eat an Endura energy bar. This also contains protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes which help with recovery from training.


The supplements I take each day to help maximize my training and maintain health are:

Endura Max: a fantastic source of magnesium which helps prevent cramp and helps aid recovery. One teaspoon a day.

Endura Overtraining Formula: Helps support the adrenal glands when going through a heavy speed training phase. 2 Tablets a day.

Ethical Nutrients Co-enzyme Q10: enhances cardiac function and helps maintain energy and health. One tablet a day.

Endura Glutamine: improves muscle recovery and immune health. One teaspoon a day .

Endura Carnitine: helps with weight loss by increasing the body’s natural ability to metabolise fat. I find it also helps me feel more alert. One teaspoon a day.


Pre Race 

In the last few days leading up to the race you can Carbo Load without causing potential gastric distress by using Endura Optimiser to increase the days calories. The gastric distress is minimised because Optimiser is low in fibre. Using it also helps with increasing the amount of magnesium that can be stored by the body. This can help prevent cramping come race day.

For breakfast I struggle to have solid food, so I have a 750ml bottle of Endura Optimiser.

Then 30min before the start I have an Endura gel with 250ml of water. This gives me a quick burst of energy for the start of the marathon.

During the Race

When racing the marathon, I would recommend using an Endura gel every half an hour with water. This will help keep your blood sugar levels up as well as helping to keep your electrolytes from decreasing too much.

Taking energy in from a liquid form places less stress on your gastro-intestinal system than eating solid food.