The topic of this blog is not taking things for granted

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The topic of this blog is not taking things for granted.

I am currently sitting in a hospital room waiting for my girlfriend to get out of surgery. This is about as far away from professional sports as you can be.

She is having her collarbone or clavicle (yes I did pay attention to some stuff at Uni), basically re-constructed.

Now this is pretty impressive stuff.  Her surgeon is a guy who is going to re-construct her clavicle using bone and blood vessels from her elbow. This bloke makes a mere professional triathlete look positively ordinary. It is guys like this that are the real superstars.

Now, my girlfriend was a pretty handy athlete in her time (I think she is at least still pretty). She raced as a professional surf athlete before turning her hand to racing professionally in triathlons as an ITU athlete. (At one stage she was ranked fourth in the world) This is not the first operation that she has had to endure. In fact it is her ninth collarbone operation!

She keeps getting asked about making a comeback. I think it is amazing that she is able to even swim or ride or run at all, but she is a determined (mostly stubborn) thing. The thing here is about expectation.  After eight surgeries, the most important thing is that she is healthy and happy, not whether she makes a comeback or not. Let’s get back to having a normal life and being able to do normal things with both arms.

It makes you wonder about those times when you bitch and moan about being tired or sore or having to get up early to go to that early morning training session. To me, being able to do Triathlon should be a celebration! We should rejoice in the fact that we are happy, healthy and able to train and race in this fantastic and physical sport.

I think we often get caught up in trying to race faster and perform better and beat that competitor. I know that I am often guilty of not actually taking the time to sit back and just simply rejoice in the fact that I am able and physically capable of participating in a sport like Triathlon.

When I do winge (very occasionally) about being tired or having to back up after a tough training session all my girlfriend has to do is simply remind me that she wishes she could be in my position.

I am very lucky, in more ways than one!